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JME Nu Video

16 02 2011

Pokud položíme otázku, kdo je nejlepším britským rapperem, jistě by byla spousta různorodých odpovědí.

Pro jedny je to Dizzee Rascal, pro další třeba Giggs nebo Tempz. Já říkám, že na tohle označení začíná aspirovat i JME z party Boy Better Know.

JME vydal v loňském říjnu skvělou desku s názvem Blam a z ní také pochází jeho pár dní starý videoklip k tracku JME. Sleduj video a přiložené lyrics!

Ha! I’m Jme, My names tattood on the grime scene,
People don’t know how to test me, Been doing this from 2003
I’m a Bigboy Producer, Sick MC, I can even sing in key,
I’m A GEEEEENIUS, but unfortunately
You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME
You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME
You will never be like JME, You will never be like JME
You will never be like JME, You will never be li…

Born in Hackney, Raised in Tottenham, Lived in Palmers, Never had a job I’m
Not unemployed? Im a sole trader, Don’t get annoyed coz i’m still a baider,
I’ve changed from back in the days don’t buss shots at cats like tomb raider
Still a street fighter but nowadays I’ll Low punch low kick tatsu Vega!
I went Welbourne, I went St Pauls, I went Winchmore then I went Greenwich
And I still sold more tunes than u fools that used to Spit more so I dont get it
Your tunes are dead like Tyranosaurus, Truthfully Your lyrics just bore us
More time when your tunes on the radio I’m waiting for the chorus
I make grime music with ease, Im tryna make grime spred like disease
I’m doing well, I’m not guna stop ‘til my name rings bells like Dizzee’s
You won’t see me with RayBans, billabong shorts and flip flops,
I don’t wear converse I write a big verse so you won’t see me fullstop! ……….SAFE!


I aint bus 1 gunshot in my life, But I’m still standing here,
You wish you was in these Nike Airs, You’re there licking of shots in the air,
You’ve got a silencer and you squeeze, Yeh But really none of that matters
1 minute silence for ur enemies and 1 minute silence for ur bank balance …WOOO!
Common Sense needs to be renamed coz nowadays it’s rare
When i was young my mum used to say “jamie use whats in between your ears”
So I did, and now I’m here, But If I said the same to you brehs
Half of you’d just smell things all day, And rest of you would just stare.
I’ll never go mersh swear down I ain’t following nobody I’m a shepherd
I’m like the spots on a leopard, WhenImOnTheMic Riddim get Peppered
Truss Music over Wealth, I got deep lyrics as you can tell
If I work hard for the reload and I don’t get a reload I’ll reload it myself! …..SAFE!!!