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Unreleased video
Mental Stress - 1994

29 07 2011

Včera jsem se málem posral. Odněkud vyplavalo video, které bylo schované skoro dvacet let. Je to video na skladbu Mental Stress, z alba Closed Casket z roku 1994. Eshamovi je ve videu 20 let a jede jak bauch. Esham the Unholy, Godfather of the Wicket shit. Video nikdo nikde nenasadili, protože Esham za sebou neměl nikdy velký label jako dejme tomu Snoop, který ve stejný čas vyjel s odlehčenou verzí pro davy, Murda Was The Case. Kochejme se nyní.

How I need the eternal rest
Help me through my mental stress (My mental stress) – repeat 4X

See I’ve been to Hell and back, and that’s a fact
I get a flashback one day I’m a snack
My mind is gone, to each his own
I wish the whole world would just leave me alone
I wanna die, I do not die
I’m on the far-side and it’s passin’ me by
I wanna cry, I do not cry
I have to tell me, myself and I
And who am I, I don’t understand
Wipe that ass once the shit hit’s the fan
Black man, my man, man
God damn man, all man, man
No shit, tell me somethin’ I don’t know, no hope
And I can’t cope wit’ the mental stress


Life ain’t nothin’ but bullets man
And who’s that nigga with the gun in-hand?
(What nigga?) This nigga, (What nigga?) That nigga
[- From :http://www.elyrics.net/read/e/esham-lyrics/mental-stress-lyrics.html -]
(What nigga?) This nigga, finger on the trigger
(Oh no, whatchya gonna do now boy?)
I’m finna go nuts like an Almond Joy
Bang my head against the wall three times until it bleed
Wicked Witch of the East, the belly of the beast
See, that’s just how it be
Nobody really gives a fuck about me
And ya see, that I ain’t got no hope
Somebody help me cope with this mental stress


Lock me up and throw away the key
God took my mind and said fuck me
I kick the wicked shit until I can’t nomore
I black out so much I can’t think nomore
Til’ I die, til’ I die, when will I die?
How you be a homicide without an alibi
No lie, I can’t wait til’ I die
Niggas still think Heaven’s up in the sky
And voices in my head call my name at night
Sometimes I don’t know wrong from right
Insight, Twilight Zone’s my home
I put the chrome to my dome when I’m all alone
By my lonely, I’m gonna join my dead homie
No hope, and I can’t cope with the mental stress